Wednesday, October 23, 2019

2019 DSSG

The 2019 Deep South Star Gaze is held at the White Horse Christian Camp in Sandy Hook, Mississippi.  Tuesday, Oct. 22, was a beautiful day for setting up although a bit windy.  There were about 20 scopes setup for Tuesday night.

Westward look at the observing field

My setup - Explore Scientific ED127CF riding on a Losmandy G8-11.

As darkness fell the temperature fell into the 50s and the sky was nice and clear however the humidity was a high.  By midnight the temperature dipped to  46 and everything was wet with dew.  

Having not viewed for many months, I was quite rusty and fought focus, guiding, and dew problems most of the night.  I was cold and tired but I managed to get a half-way decent image of the great Orion Nebula (M-42), its companion nebula (M-43) and also the running man nebula (NGC-1977).   The stars are a bit elongated owing to the poor guiding, but AstroToaster stacked the images well.

19 x 30 seconds exposure ED 127 mm triplet at F 7.5.  

Hopefully the weather will be good again tonight and I can remedy my issues and get some imaging done.

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