Sunday, August 26, 2012

Missed viewing again

I rsigned up to receive clear sky alerts from   A nice service that emails me the Clear Sky Chart for my area when observing conditions are predicted to be average or above.   These charts pack alot of information into a single graphic and they are reasonably accurate.

I received such a message for tonight,  Sunday night (Aug 27), so I planned to setup my scope and view for a few hours.   Would have to quit by 2300 as I must work tomorrow, but a few hours is better than nothing.  Unfortunately hurricane Isaac has apparently decided to pay the New Orleans area a visit and my area was placed under a mandatory evacuation.  So instead of viewing the heavens, I spent the evening boarding up windows and packing to leave tomorrow morning.  I hate to wish bad weather on anyone, but it would suit me just fine if this storm would pester another area.  Ideally it would just die in the gulf, but that doesn't appear likely.  

Hopefully this storm will blow the clouds and mosquitos away for nice viewing this weekend.

Clear skies,


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